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Planet10-HiFi isn't a big company. We believe in personal service, so you won't find a bunch of buttons to push or a shopping cart to place an order.

By reaching out and touching our clients we hope to give them 1st class service & to try to ensure that they get the product or service that they need. Many products are custom and we work with you to deliver what you want -- including designing it if that is what it takes.

To place an order just email me. The official email address is david@planet10-hifi.com. As SPAM continues to work to runing everyone's email experience, emails do not always go through so here is an alternate email address (sitting on a different, bigger server) tlinespeakers@mac.com

Below there is more information on how we can be reached & things paid for. Almost everything is sent via Canada Post. This is usually the most economical. Delivery times have a larger variation than many couriers, but we have found them reliable & they don't screw up very often. If you'd like another method just let us know.



For PayPal you can use either of the emails above or <david@planet10-hifi.com>
If you use PayPal, make sure that you send an email telling me you did because PayPal does not always do so.

For VISA or MasterCard, phone on our toll-free number & leave your card number, expiry date and the actual name on the card. You can talk to the machine or if you phone when ruth & i are home you can talk to one of us (most of the time).

1-250-474-2342, FAX 250-386-7313 attn: dave -- please make sure you alert us if you FAX -- we have to go pick them up

If you would rather send the number via a number of scrambled emails, i can send you an algorithm for that.

Money orders* can be mailed to:

Planet_10 Enterprises Limited
912 Finlayson Arm Road
Victoria, BC V9B 6E6

*(No Green USPS money Orders Accepted -- the ones that say "Negotiable Only in the US & Possessions")


Note; If you are shipping to me from outside of Canada, mail is preferred, just do not send anything by UPS. Their customs clearing is predatory.