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Installing the plugs is really easy.... the hard part is removing the dust cap 1st (and the really hard part, if you haven't done it before, is getting the nerve up to cut into those valuable drivers). Once the dust cap is off, they just plop in.

First you have to remove the dustcap. It can be carefully --- very carefully cut off with a sharp razor knife or Judicious use of a heat gun to soften the glue (this only works on a few drivers and shouldn't be tried on a driver with whizzer cones -- the heat gun can't discriminate between the dust cap glue & the whizzer cone glue) and careful prying with a small knife or scalpel to lift an edge -- once an edge is lifted they come off pretty quick. You don't want to get the vc hot enuff to loosen its glue.

When you get the dust cap off you may find that the voice coil extends up above the cone. Some drivers can successfully have this trimmed, but my recommendation is to leave it because trimming it you run the risk of cutting the voice coil wire. As an example see this warning about the

These come with srews pre-installed so that they magnetically attach to the pole-piece. Just drop them in, adjust the position (either by feel/eye or you can use paper shims), and away you go. They can also be removed (although in the 1354 with the whizzer cone, it can be a bit of a challenge).

Note: a more comprehensive guide with pictures is in the works.

A visual record of some examples under the knife: